Thursday, September 3, 2015


Grandpa's house was here, but not anymore.

It is an odd experience to visit the ground; nothing but trees and weeds.  Dad would have hated the weeds.  Even as old age and an enlarged heart wore him down, he fought the weeds with all he had.

There is entirely way too much dirt where a house once stood.

The owners of the property have not torn down the old swing set.  It's strange that I feel the overgrown weeds are without life.

Then this little one brings life back to Grandpa's.  She grabbed hold of the rings and began swinging with vigor and energy.

Traffic and various other noises were muffled.  Ghosts of old still hanging around.

I miss the lives that have left us:  Mom, Dad and Susan.  It is a lonely place.  

The sun has set on that part of my life.  I am grateful for this part of my life.  I love my kids..more than anything...all four of them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We are always looking for new activities when Jordan visits.  As she gets older, it is becoming a bit more difficult to find things that she doesn't consider "beneath" her maturity.

One of my friends mentioned how much fun her family had at Funtopia in Lehi.  Funtopia features several walls to climb.  Each wall is uniquely designed.

You can make advance reservations.  Each person or group gets one hour in the building.  It doesn't seem long now, but it is plenty of time.  At the end of sixty minutes every one is worn out from all the climbing.

The fantastic part is that Funtopia only lets a certain amount of people in at one time.  No crowds.  I don't like crowds.

You have to pay a couple extra bucks to do the slide, but it is well worth it.  It was so fun to see the kids smiles at the end of the slide.

Required slide attire

Funtopia is not a cheap activity.  Plan on paying around $15.00 for each person. 

It was a great activity for this mom because we were out of the heat and everyone was in one contained area.

I even think cool girl had a good time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Surrounded By Beauty

There are times when you are simply surrounded by beauty.

You wonder how God  created something so wonderful?

And then you are immediately grateful that he did.

You hope that they will always know how priceless and truly unique they are.

You can't imagine your life without any one of them.

You know you are blessed beyond measure for every goofy smile...

And every twirl.

You want to protect them from every broken heart and wound.

You wonder if they are real or if it is all a dream?

You love them with all your heart and soul.

You find it incomprehensible that some people say there are no miracles!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Visit with Mom, Grandma & Grandpa

One activity that is a given every year when Jordan comes is a trip to Susan's grave.  Fourteen years later and it is still hard for me to believe that this is reality.

Those poor flowers.  We picked them up the previous day.  The next morning they had wilted  beyond most life.

I am at peace knowing Mom and Dad are together, but I wish they were here with us.  I think our family is lost without them.  We are a ship with no captain.

Dad's parents are close, down the hill a short distance.  We looked in on them.  I promised to do better, remembering to visit.

This Christ statue speaks volumes to me, surrounded by his flock.  Some live within our mortal sight, others live outside our earthly vision, but still they live.