Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cornbelly's 2014

My kids look forward to Cornbelly's every year. 

Their favorite activity is the slide on the grain sacks.  Jodie came with us this year; Suze was ecstatic.  She adores her big cousin.  She never wanted to lose sight of her or baby boy.


The kids took a try at rolling these giant tubes.  It was a bit too much for Syd.  It took all their strength to roll it from beginning to end.

This lady was really creepy.  She even rocked in her chair.

Suze is always game for anything.  She tried her hand at roping a steer.  (That is my Diet Coke can in the corner.)

My favorite thing about Cornbelly's is all of the photo opportunities.  I know the kids get so sick of me asking to take their picture.  Most of the time they cooperate.  Eric is usually the first to rebel.

Susan, Syd and Eric are obsessed with this sweet boy.  They love to touch, hug and kiss; much to the chagrin of his first time mother.

I can tell that Jodie tries really hard to be patient with my three when they maul her precious boy with love.

Big Wheels, Big Attitude!

Suze begged me to do the corn maze.  I hate getting stuck in the corn maze.  It's hot and Syd always complains that her legs hurt and she is thirsty.  Suze usually has a sixth sense about the maze.  She nearly always finds our way out, but not this year.  We gave up after half an hour and began cutting our way through the corn stalks, anxious to find the exit.  We came out the entrance!

It was a warm day and after a trip through the corn maze nothing quenches your thirst like a big snow cone.  Interesting side note.  We bought the snow cones in a trailer set up with all the fixings.  You put on your own flavors, which is great, but the dispensers were covered with two to three dozen bees.  The salesperson assured us they were not hostile.  I barely kept my composure as I helped all three douse the ice with flavoring; dozens of bees swirling around your hand.

After five fun, very warm, sticky hours I called it quits.  Syd was ready for more action, but Mom wins. 

Goodbye Cornbelly's for another year.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gardner Village Witch Fest 2014

A couple weeks back, a few of us spent a gorgeous afternoon at Gardner Village.  Suze chose not to come with us.  She was feeling too grown up for witch fest, although she changed her mind on another day to go with a friend.  I guess it depends on the company.

Positively, fall is my favorite time of the year for numerous reasons; top one my list is the end of summer heat.

This day was still a bit too warm for my Eskimos and me, but it was a beautiful autumn day so I won't complain again.

We had a delicious lunch at Archibalds.   I go for the veggie quiche almost every time.  It is divine.  

McKenzie let Aunt Julie sit with her for a picture.  I know I probably spelled McKenzie wrong, Rebecca?  Sorry!

Now this is a good looking group of people.  We are all thrilled to have Jodie back from Italy, especially to enjoy her little guy.

I want to squish that face!  So handsome!

The kids kept busy with the witch scavenger hunt.  They were determined to earn the chocolate chip cookie in the bakery.  Of course, Sydney didn't want the chocolate chip cookie.  She wanted something else!  Shocker!

I have these same pictures from over the years; same kids and same witches.  I can't help myself.  I keep snapping.

Eric thought it was the funniest thing ever, sitting in front of this particular wtich and making this face, literally potty humor.


Eric also thought it was humorous to rest his head on this witches large bosom.

I really try to treasure these moments because I know they will will disappear!  I don't always succeed with the right attitude, but I do keep on trying.  These little faces rock my world.

Happy Fall Everyone!